Feasibility Space Study of Bulgaria

Under the auspices of Ministry of Economy

Since 2015, the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria and ESA are cooperating under the European Co-operating State (ECS) Agreement signed on the 7th of April 2015 in Sofia.

The General objective of the FEASIBILITY STUDY OF BULGARIAN SPACE SECTOR is: to prepare and provide a feasibility study to assess the development potential of Bulgaria’s industrial capabilities with potential in the space sector, its technologies and readiness to collaborate with the European Space Agency.

The specific objectives:

  • Make review and as sessment of the Bulgarian entities with potential to enter into the space market;
  • Development and verification of methodological approach for evaluation Bulgarian industrial and scientific potential to collaborate with ESA;
  • Assuring of recommendations for the development of Bulgaria’s space policy as a conditions for full membership of Bulgaria in ESA.

surveying of industrial and academic opportunities

Schemes and related actions

of developing space sector in Bulgaria

for the Space Policy in Bulgaria

The main tasks
of this study

To survey the industrial and academic sectors, to establish an exhaustive list of entities, that could benefit from the on-going cooperation between ESA and the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria;

To establish schemes and related actions that would contribute to the development of Bulgaria’s space sector and encourage full integration into ESA activities.

To identify wider benefits of developing space sector in Bulgaria, including the international collaboration within other Member States in Europe.

To collect and provide detailed rationale of recommendations for the Space Policy in Bulgaria.

We would highly appreciate your time in answering to our questions.

The questions are structured into five sections as follows, and the estimated time for answering is 20 minutes.

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materials and references

To support you to fill-in the Questionnaire, please see the translated version in Bulgarian language.
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Feasibility Space Study of Bulgaria
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